Get a 53°N

    fold it,

    hide it in trains where bikes are not allowed

    and go cycling wherever you like!

    The 53°N is the travel bike to get to allmost everywhere because it gives you as much bike as possible while keeping the option to take it with you in fast trains. It's full luggage capable and full suspended. Yes, it makes sense also with a travel fatbike 'cause street parts of your journey are simply more easy to go with 0.8bar than with 0,3bar and with 0,8bar pot holes would shake you. Also wave shaped undergrounds like traktor tracks, by wind and waves shaped sand or a stubble field (transversal to the tracks) can rock a non suspended fatbike hard.
    The front suspension is a reiseradgabel and the rear link (compatible with belt drive) has IGUS bushings and a massive natural rubber element.
    The payload is 15kg in the front and 30kg rear.
    The price with Rohloff Speedhub XL und without belt drive is EUR 4800,- other options (e.g. Pinion P18 or derailleur (1x11)) on request.
    In this Video on BikeRadar it's presumeably the most reasonable priced bike. Update: I checked the prices of the other bikes in the video. The 53°N's price is really budget now. Order before I think more about it and the work I put in every single bike.
    New feature since SPEZI 2019: The main frame tube can be used as air vessel to mount tubeless tires and/or the airzound horn.