At Spezi on 28./29.04.2018 I presented my new links. They are now the standart Versions. They bring the following advantages:
I can keep the price like it is. You can still order the work intensive steel Version with surcharge if optical or religious reasons are against Aluminium.
Aluminium makes it possible to increase the side stiffness and durability without increasing the weight.
The housing of the suspension element is separable. So you can change the rubbers yourself if this needs to be done in 30 years.
The picture shows the normal (left) and the heavy version (CARGO/Tandem). Both are for 20" wheels. Bigger wheels get a longer tube bow.

Versions with 20mm through axle (the ones without the bow tube) can be equipped with Schmidt's Original Nabendynamo (hub generator) as Wilfried Schmidt started making them.

Visit me at EUROBIKE from August 30th till September 2nd 2017 (end customers only the last day) at Friedrichshafen together with aidoo in the DEMO AREA (booth DA-109)! The 53°N, my new now well tested full suspended folding travel fatbike (also new: Link contains video.), can be seen there too.
New Introductions at the fair:
1. reiseradgabel++

with stiffer link, e.g. for frames with short tail
2. reiseradgabel motor
with torque support for front hub motors to prevent the anti-dive to become a motor-dive - You will not loose the anti-dive.
3. neue Schrauben
I found pretty flat in hex screws to replace the hexagon bolts holding the suspension elements without interfering with the low rider. They are immediately default.

Welcome at reiseradgabel homepage.
The German word Reiseradgabel means travel bike fork. Anyway reiseradgabel will do an excellent job in everyday bikes too. If you're looking for a durable, everydayfit and comfortable suspension fork which is suitable for load, special and of cause normal bikes, then you are right here.

For more information just click on the tabs.

Philosophy: As an old environmental activist and conscientious engineer (no diploma) I like to make sustainable products. Things that brake suck - those which don't work or need plenty of maintenance suck too. That's why this fork was constructed to be carefree, durable and timeless.
I try to place most of the production process within Europe. Alas Europeans have forgot plenty of know how and so I have to get some stuff from Taiwan - actually all the tubing of bicycle typical dimensions.