prices for consumers in ⬠incl. 19% German VAT
customers outside EU do not pay VAT. dealers- and OEM-prices on request

fork powder coated (standard colours) 499,-
reiseradgabel CARGO powder coated (standard colours) 599,-
threaded stearing column (custom made) 25,-
Lowrider TubusDuo (only together with a fork at consumers pice. I have to buy it too and pay almost the same price. It's just service.) 50,-
without Lowriderthread (20") -15,-
Canti-pivots and Disc (both) (not in 20" - there works just one of them and I would take the disc) 15,-
other offset (rake) (than 42mm) (if you order more than one fork with the same geometrie it just has to be paid once) 15,-
hooks for additional rubber rings or belt for lockout 15,-

everything else (e.g. tandem version, cargo bike version, titanium or carbon, children's bike or long recumbent version, colour) on request