1. Ad-Bike Back to Back_Trailer
    a single track trailer designed by a friend living in the same area which makes a (semi-)recumbenttandem for kids transport from any single track bike
    I have tested it for several thousand kms. It rides well, the kid has a task and free view to the back which makes it less move to the side to watch around the pulling bike.
    If there are 4 orders, there will be a production.
  2. aidoo
    bike trailers which use the same suspension elements.
  3. First African Bicycle Information Organisation
    nice development project from local initiative
    Bikes make school possible, give families an income and bike ambulances reduce mortality at giving birth by 60%.
  4. Bikekitchen Vienna
    freaks on, with, under bikes
  5. SeLi Rahmenbau
    makes custom bikes with reiseradgabel.