Reiseradgabel is a suspension fork working with a leading link. Leading link suspension forks had the disadvantage to have plain or rolling bearings which have to be kept clean and greased (still less pain than telescopic ones). A suspension element had to be mounted additionally. Plain bearings had a lot of wear as the lubricating oil film works not before some degrees of rotation. Before that there is a lot of wear. As the rotation direction changes all the time and the moves are short the bushes have a lot of wear. If you use ball bearings it takes some effort to protect them from sand and dirt, which is often not succesfull over a long time. There was a parallelogram type suspension fork on the market some years ago which already used the rubber torsion elements I use (the rubber in the elements has no torsion stress - it's converted to pressure) but it had two trailing arms at the bottom of the parrallelogram with a lot of wear in the brass bushes which was heavily increased by the high side leverage they couldn't bear.

I don't want to make a long talk about the Problems of the very common telescope suspension forks (bad reaction, bush wear, brakediving, freezing in winter...) here.
The new reiseradgabel design got rid of all those problems and got even some new advantages compared to other suspension forks:
maintenance-free: Nothing has to be greased, cleaned or changed. NO OIL, NO SEALS, NO BUSHES
no static friction: This fork even bounces when you ride across a stamp! You will notice a very high difference while riding on cobbles.
good compatibility with front carrier an pannier racks (Low-Rider): The luggage is suspended too!
It is the first suspension fork where the Tubus Duo and similar low riders can be mounted.
high reliability: The rubber torsion elements are approved in industrie and in the suspension of light vehicle trailers since decades.
No chatter: No wear of bearings and bushes due to chatter or bad alignment caused by flexibility.
long life: Probably 5 years Warranty - suspension elements included!
NO brakediving: The reiseradgabel comes up on braking. This will give you more safety against falling over the handlebar and a shorter stopping distance.
simple design: The rubber torsion elements integrate the functions bearing, bouncing, absorbing. (Individual) changes can be made easily.

All kinds of hydraulic or cable driven brakes can be mounted.