'cause of the many requests: reiseradgabel MOTOR

Picture shows 20" version without low rider threads (possible in 26" and bigger)

After getting plenty requests for a front wheel motor version over the years I got a request by a more than 80 years old inventor of recumbents, who was constructing suspension forks him self for 60 years. So I couldn't say no.
Most hub motors have M12 threads which are milled down to 9mm or 10mm. For better visibility I replaced the motor hub in the picture with a threaded rod with the same millig. In reiseradgabel MOTOR it is beared in 6001 2RSR ball bearings. (Replacement is cheaply available worldwide.) At the right side the torque support is clamped with the axle nut. (Don't forget the distance ring, to avoid the torque support grinding!) It is connected with a connecting rod using maintenancefree plastic spherical bearings to the rigid part of the fork. This construction avoids the motor torque influencing the link. The brake is normally mounted to the link, so you will not loose the anti dive.

torque support (raw) and connecting rod